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King Charles Takes The Coronation Oath- The King Has Been Crowned

The procession down the Mall

Millions of people in the UK and around the world are celebrating the Coronation of King Charles III.

The ceremony was held at London’s Westminster Abbey – and saw the King crowned along with Camilla, the Queen Consort – who will now be known as Queen.

The service was attended by more than 2,000 people including world leaders, foreign royalty and members of the Royal Family.


Tens of thousands of people lined the streets of London, cheering and waving flags, as they tried to catch a glimpse of the King and Queen as they travelled through the city in a gold carriage.

There were several stages to the two hour service.

First of all, the congregation at the Abbey pledged their allegiance to the King and proclaimed him the “undoubted King”.

After taking an oath where he promised to do the duties of the monarch, the King was anointed with holy oil before being presented with the items of regalia.

King Charles III was presented with several items including the Royal Orb, representing religious and moral authority; the Scepters, representing power; and the Sovereign’s Sceptre, a rod of gold topped with a white enameled dove, a symbol of justice and mercy.

King Charles with the crown being placed on his headIMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES

He was then officially crowned by the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who placed the 360-year-old St Edward’s Crown on the monarch’s head before proclaiming: “God save the King” as trumpet fanfares sounded around the Abbey.

The King sat on a special coronation chair, which included the stone of destiny, for the occasion, as he was officially crowned King in the first coronation in Britain since 1953.

Peers kneeled before the monarch to pay homage to the newly-crowned King – the first coronation ceremony for seven decades.

Outside, ceremonial gun salutes blasted out across land and sea while bells pealed in celebration at churches.

His wife, Camilla was crowned Queen in a simpler ceremony soon afterwards.

King Charles and Queen CamillaIMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGE

The king and queen started at Buckingham Palace before heading out on “The King’s Procession” to Westminster Abbey.

King Charles III was crowned king around 7 a.m. Eastern time Saturday at Westminster Abbey, making him the 40th monarch to be crowned there. Charles became king when his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, died on Sept. 8, 2022. She was 96.

Thousands of people showed up for Charles’ coronation, the first crowning of a new monarch in nearly 70 years. Several anti-monarchists booed the king in protests near the ceremony in London as well.

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, placed the crown on the king’s head. He was adorned with St. Edward’s Crown, just like his mother. Queen Camilla was also crowned.

Ahead of the ceremony, Charles, Camilla and other members of the royal family attended the procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey. The royal children, especially Prince Louis, had several meme-worthy moments.

Prince Harry, who is no longer a working royal, attended the ceremony without his wife, Meghan Markle. Meghan was in California, celebrating their son Archie’s 4th birthday. Harry is set to travel back to the U.S. shortly after his father’s coronation ceremony.


Prince Edward Gives A Wave To The Crowds

Prince Edward is the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.
Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images

King Charles And Queen Camilla Depart Westminster Abbey

King Charles and Queen Camilla traveling in the Gold State Coach, which was completed in 1762 and used at every coronation since that of William IV in 1831, sets off from Westminster Abbey on route to Buckingham Palace during the coronation celebration.

King Charles’ Coronation Is The Perfect Event For Funny Tweets

Twitter was flooded with gags about the new monarch, Queen Camilla, Prince Harry, Katy Perry, a suspected appearance of the Grim Reaper, and more.

Anti-Monarchists Boo King Charles

Not everyone in Britain was feeling the coronation spirit. Watch these anti-monarchists jeering and booing King Charles as his procession moved toward Westminster Abbey.
Matthew Horwood via Getty Images

This Woman Won’t Let King Charles Forget Tampongate

Well, “Tampongate” lives on forever. A woman in Cardiff, Wales, holds a sign reading “All hail Camilla’s tampon” during the coronation of Charles and Camilla.

In 1993, Charles compared himself to a tampon, after telling Camilla he wished to “live inside your trousers.” The moment was reenacted, pretty much verbatim, in Season 5 of Netflix’s “The Crown.”

WPA Pool via Getty Images

Queen Camilla Gets Her Crown

Princess Diana fans, look away. Queen Camilla stands after being crowned by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby during her coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey.
WPA Pool via Getty Images

Prince Harry Unintentionally Just Served Up One Of The Best Faces Of The Day

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, is caught in a candid moment at King Charles’ coronation. This pic pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it? Shoutout to Richard Pohle, the photographer who caught this moment. I don’t need to see anything else.

President Joe Biden Congratulates King Charles And Queen Camilla

In a tweet, President Joe Biden congratulates the king and queen.
“Congratulations to King Charles III and Queen Camilla on their Coronation,” he writes. “The enduring friendship between the U.S. and the U.K. is a source of strength for both our peoples. I am proud the First Lady is representing the United States for this historic occasion.”

OK, This Image Of Prince Louis And Princess Charlotte IS Pretty Adorable

Here’s a precious picture of Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte at King Charles’ coronation. Hilary Mitchell of Pink News perfectly describes the moment in this tweet. Louis had another cute moment in the ceremony where it looked like he was yawning, HuffPost senior reporter Carly Ledbetter reports.
All royals at King Charles’ coronation could wear their most elaborate outfits (and collars) to show off their rank.
All royals at King Charles’ coronation could wear their most elaborate outfits (and collars) to show off their rank.

The King Has Been Crowned

King Charles is crowned 70 years after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, was crowned at Westminster Abbey. The Archbishop of Canterbury placed St. Edward’s Crown on King Charles’ head.
The king was crowned with the St. Edward’s Crown, worn by Queen Elizabeth II during her own coronation nearly 70 years ago
Getty Images

A Coronation Watch Party In Wales

People watch the coronation on a big screen at Cardiff Castle in Cardiff, Wales.
The Duke of York and Duke of Sussex are no longer working royals, for very different reasons.
The Duke of York and Duke of Sussex are no longer working royals, for very different reasons.

OK, So The Hats At Coronation Have Been The Talk Of The Ceremony

The Spanish queen’s headwear drew plenty of comparisons on Twitter.

British PM Rishi Sunak Reads From Colossians

“The Archbishop of Canterbury has selected a new Epistle for this Coronation, which will be Colossians 1:9-17. This passage has been chosen to reflect the theme of service to others, and the loving rule of Christ over all people and all things, which runs through this Coronation Liturgy,” the Archbishop’s Lambeth Palace said

King Charles Takes The Coronation Oath

King Charles took the coronation oath to the Protestant faith, which became a legal requirement in 1689 when King William and Queen Mary promised to maintain the Protestant faith.
“I, Charles, do solemnly and sincerely in the presence of God profess, testify, and declare that I am a faithful Protestant, and that I will, according to the true intent of the enactments which secure the Protestant succession to the throne, uphold and maintain the said enactments to the best of my powers according to law,” he said.
Minutes before this proclamation, the congregation shouted “God save King Charles!”
Getty Images

The King And Queen Arrive

King Charles and Queen Camila arrive in the Diamond Jubilee State Coach.They went from Buckingham Palace to the coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

Prince Louis Is Definitely Taking This Coronation Seriously

Getty Images

Prince William and Kate Middleton ArriveHere’s a closeup of Kate’s headpiece.

First Lady Jill Biden Has Arrived

Biden became the first in her position to attend a coronation in the U.K. on Saturday.
So, You Won’t Be Able To Miss Katy Perry At The Ceremony
What a hat!
“Feeling sorry for the person sat behind Katy tbh.”

Guess What Else Is Having A Celebration Today

Archie is celebrating his 4th birthday across the pond in Los Angeles with his mother, Meghan Markle. Prince Harry is flying from London to LA to be wiith his family after his father’s ceremony.

There Was A Wave Of Backlash To This Proposed Moment

The last-minute change came after a wave of backlash.

Pranksters Mowed A Giant Penis On A Lawn Where Major Celebrations Are Planned

A phallus fit for a king appeared at the landmark where a coronation bash to honor Charles will take place.

UK Newspapers Have Gone To Town On King Charles’ Coronation. See Their Front Pages Here.

Newspapers breathlessly teased the historic event, with many publications using the same turn of phrase.

Here’s What First Lady Jill Biden Has Been Doing In London Ahead Of The Coronation

The first lady is representing the U.S. at the historic event.

King Charles Goes Punk In Coronation Street Art Tribute. Will Banksy Chime In Too?

The Sex Pistols provided street artist Pegasus with the inspiration for the royal piece.

A Look At The Last Coronation

Chances are you weren’t around to see the last coronation, since 9 out of 10 people living today hadn’t been born when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned. Here’s a look at how her coronation ceremony went down back in June 1953.
Procession going past Big Ben

The coronation


As the King and Queen consort arrived, church bells rang out outside Westminster Abbey.

The King’s grandson, Prince George, was among the pages, alongside Queen Camilla’s grandchildren, Lola, Eliza, Gus, Louis and Freddy.

Some of those who walked ahead of the King through the abbey before the service carried the regalia, they placed the items needed in the ceremony on

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