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Notcoin Achieves Global Milestone with 40 Million Users

Notcoin, a pioneering crypto game on Telegram, has announced it has reached 40 million users worldwide. The Notcoin team clarified that third-party tools had previously misreported user numbers due to incorrect parameters.

Additionally, Notcoin revealed that players have earned an impressive $1.5 million across 20 campaigns. The team emphasized this achievement, noting that such earnings surpass what most Web3 projects can generate for users in under a month.

Despite the $1.5 million payout to players, the team views this as just the beginning. They anticipate a tenfold increase in campaigns and player earnings with the launch of automated campaigns.

Currently, Notcoin trades at $0.0185, marking a 5% increase in the last 24 hours. Over the past 14 days, the memecoin has surged by 210%, according to Coingecko. Earlier this month, the NOT token reached an all-time high of $0.0283, pushing its market capitalization beyond $2.75 billion.

The Notcoin team has announced several exciting features to be integrated into the ecosystem soon. These include reward sharing with friends, exclusive access to token launches for gold and platinum players, automated campaigns, and new player levels.

As of May 20, Notcoin’s player base stood at 35 million. The project has since gained an additional 5 million players, a 14% increase in less than three weeks. This growth is attributed to a new feature allowing players to earn rewards passively through Not tokens, the game’s native currency. This represents a significant shift from the previous model, where players had to complete specific tasks or missions to earn rewards. The new, less demanding feature has driven higher adoption rates.

Key Highlights

Promising Memecoin; Notcoin is recognized as one of the top 5 memecoins to watch, following a successful airdrop campaign and recent price surge.
Robust Team and Community Incentives; The team has announced the distribution of 40 million NOT tokens to holders of Notcoin’s premarket trading vouchers.
Nigerian Market Impact: Notcoin’s airdrop campaign notably benefited many Nigerians, significantly raising awareness and driving the adoption of Web3 projects in the country.

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