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2015 Fashion Trend in Africa // 2015 Tendance De La Mode En Afrique

If we talk about one of the best African dress designs 2015 for the African people then we would say that since the last few years they are making the choice of garments that are brightly colored and delicately designed cotton print fabric. Cotton has always been known as one of the most wanted fabric for the print dress designs in the African garments.







Why Cotton Stuff Is So Famous

Cotton has been known as one of the fantastic fabric that is all unveiled out to be 100% pure and superior ones. It is said to be durable and even last longer for many years a swell. Cotton is all said to be favorable for the tropical climate areas. It has the specialty to stay cool in the hot weather and appear as warm in the cooler weather conditions. This is the main reason that why best quality African prints are made solely of cotton.

Best Traditional African Print Methods

Best African Print Dress Designs 2014 0018

1. Natural Dyes:

There are many types of Ancient textile that make the best use of method that is added with the natural dyes made from the exceptional use of mineral peats and soils dug from deep within the ground. They are even added with the deep pepper reds, brilliant indigo and amazingly vibrant saffron as well.

2. Stones and Shells:

Some of the textile industries even make the use of stones and shells that are tied inside the clothing. This is one of the most magnificent methods that is used today.

3. Hand Printing:

In addition some of the textile industries even make the use of hand carved wooden blocks of intricate designs that give away the image of natural environment adding with fish, birds, trees, flowers that are added as the hand print onto the cotton. Its different combinations of the colors make it extra eye catching such as black, white and hot pink, blue, yellow and orange, black, grey and red/brown and so many others.

In modern times there are many brides as well that make the choice of the cotton fabric all along with the heavy velvets and brocades and cotton prints as part of her dowry. There are many textiles that have introduced the modern methods as well such as computers are used for the print designing. The designs are all finished with the images of famous faces, names and dates printed in three or four different color versions.

We hope that through this article all the readers must have learnt a lot about the African print dress designs concepts. In addition we have even explained the different methods through which the method of print designing has bring about great revolutions and enhancement in the textile industries.

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