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Lagosian’s Set to Rescue Lagos State from Political Imposters

The result of the presidential election is a shame to the entire APC family of Lagos State. This is the stronghold of our leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Unfortunately, those he entrusted the party with could not deliver the desired results


This is a moment of sober reflection in our political journey, as we prepare for the gubernatorial election. We need to sit down immediately to overhaul the political machinery of APC in Lagos State. We need to tell ourselves the bitter truth. Most of the party leaders have overblown political values. Their influences and manipulations are, unfortunately, detrimental to the progress of the party. Party members are not happy. A lot of popular candidates have been treated badly. Many people who really worked for the party are well not rewarded. Many are meagerly compensated. Many have lost hope in the party. Most elected and appointed officials always abandon their constituencies, confident of the support by the party elders. Frustrations everywhere. People are hungry, angry, frustrated and hopeless. What palliatives did the people get during the recent CBN induced wretchedness??? Of course, this could have been a saving grace for the party. The electorates’ confidence was finally lost when no succor came. Not much was done except very selective empowerment, endless promises and distribution of berating and demeaning items for the people.

Lagos Decides: APC's Sanwo-Olu Speaks After Voting | Naija News

Many did not vote. Some voted against the party. The overbearing influence of some people caused a lot of anger, disappointment and hatred among party members. Overconfidence on the part of our leaders is nauseating.
Proper preparation prevents poor performance. This is the result we get for celebrating cronyism, mediocrity and sycophancy. We must tell ourselves the truth. Of what benefits are the numerous walks for Asiwaju all over the state by one group or another??? What effects have all the endorsements by various unions been. ??

How well have the elected and appointed officials faired in their domains??? what about the almighty GAC members many of whom did not win their polling boots??? with due respects , our royal fathers who sit on the communities???? apex, LGA,ward leaders??? where were the 1.5 million voters promised by the capones of parks and garages , who operate an apparent 4th arm of government in the state??? the most overpampered civil servants in Nigeria??? trade unions ??? market leaders and their followers????..the Actors guild ??? musicians and praisesingers ???? the clergymen who organized crusades and vigils, not forgetting the imams and alfas with their numerous asalatus and tajuds for our electoral victory…….. we failed to deliver Lagos State, the political base of the Jagaban of the universe.

Breaking: Sanwo-Olu wins polling unit with wide margin | Mystatenews
Pointing fingers to the Igbo community and threatening fire and brimstone is crying wolf where there is none. Lagos registered almost 7 million voters. The labour party scored far less than a million. Nothing stopped APC from soaring to very high heavens except our undoing. Enough of blaming our Igbo neighbors of betrayal and ingratitude. The flood has been known to wash everything in its torrent, including the most beautiful structures, it beholds on the careful owners to keep the flood at harmless distances
We have disappointed our dear Asiwaju who left the politics of the state in our care for the first time, to pursue our interests at the national level. Insha Allah, Asiwaju, as the name implies, will triumph. Come May 29th , Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will be sworn in as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, insha Allah.
The gubernatorial election is around the corner . We must not loose Lagos to the opposition. We must not. All hands must be on deck to ensure the success of our governor, Mr Babajide Sanwoolu.
May we not look back and say there was once a Lagos of ours.
Ti oju o ba ti ehingbeti , oju o ni ti Eko Ile.

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By: Yekinni Suleiman Olundegun

concerned Lagosian.

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