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This report is pieced together by the Identify the Right Leader
group with the sole purpose of contributing her quota to
salvage our common heritage, which in this case is Nigeria.
Identify the Right Leader is a political cum civic organization
that is geared towards examining various front-runners in Nigeria’s
political space with the sole aim of identifying their impacts in both
private and public undertakings. Based on their track record, we then
recommend them to Nigerians, solely on their merit. From an expert
point of view, the Identify the Right Leader Group argues unequivocally
based on verifiable and uncontestable impacts that Professor Yemi
Osinbajo without fear or favor is best positioned to lead Nigeria in 2023
if empowered.
Being President of Nigeria should not just be an Osinbajo ambition but a
goal every well-meaning Nigerian should strive to achieve so as to
exhume the country from the labyrinth of underdevelopment and waste
in governance. This report is a call of duty to Nigerians to wake up and
see how we have been shortchanged as a people in terms of leadership.
If one man can achieve all these impactful feats embedded in this report,
while serving in subordinate roles, imagine how much he will do when he
is in charge. Power in the hands of Osinbajo will indeed be a shining
torch that will illuminate the country.
This report establishes that Professor Yemi Osinbajo has distinguished
himself in public service, hence, he is the kind of leader Nigeria needs to
steer the country off the trajectory of waste and inefficiency in
governance. The report identifies that the country cannot afford to be

sentimental about who should lead the country but rather decisions
should be based on track records. When one considers the impact Yemi
Osinbajo has had throughout his sojourn in public office, it is safe to say
that Nigeria needs him more than he needs Nigeria. It is discovered that
the Office of the Vice President constrained Yemi Osinbajo’s capacity to
perform owing to his constitutional limitations, but his intellectualism
and capacity were best expressed as Attorney General of Lagos State
and as Acting President of Nigeria. The many impacts made in active
service as a public office holder were documented but his policies and
impact both locally and internationally are inexhaustible and this report
only scratches the surface to display how much one good leader can
achieve silently, without fanfare and billboards to blow it up in people’s
The findings in this report should be a guide in helping politicians,
opinion shapers, the populace, and elites to make up their mind that
2023 is not a time for politicking but a time to salvage and save the soul
of Nigeria. Yemi Osinbajo has displayed capacity to return Nigeria to its
glory days as a giant indeed. The onus now lies in our hands as a people
to decide what it will be in 2023; ‘business as usual’ or a ‘turning point
where things really turn for good.


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